Direct-acting pneumatic presses

Direct-acting pneumatic presses

DA series
DA presses are the consequent implementation of modern press technology for direct-acting pneumatic presses.
Due to their modular design, it is possible to select exactly the dimensions needed for the respective application. This optimises the price/performance ratio.
Standard stroke lengths from 40 mm to 120 mm are available in 20 mm steps. Special lengths are available on request.
Direct-acting pneumatic presses provide their force continuously across the complete stroke length.
All direct-acting pneumatic presses are available as automation module or with ips control units for individual working places.
The processing of sheets, printed boards or other bulky parts requires a larger throat depth range of the presses. Using XL-DA presses with a throat depth range of 250 mm and 300 mm, even these workpieces can be processed.
In case of high workpieces which need more upward space, L-DA presses with working heights up to 350 mm are used. In case of dimensions outside the standards, the presses can be supplied with welded frames according to your requirements.
DA presses are virtually maintenance-free as all moving parts run on bearings. The cylinders ar pre-lubricated and therefore suitable for oil-free operation.

Quality characteristics:

  • Hard-chrome ram with torsion lock, guided in teflon bushes
  • Easy height adjustment of the press head by means of a threaded spindle and angular gear
  • A lateral measuring tape enables quick reproduction of settings in case of tool changes
  • Virtually maintenance-free double-action cylinders
  • Adjustable end position damping of the cylinder
  • Low noise level: below 75 dB


ips catalogue, page 154-155

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