Manual lever presses

Manual lever presses

Pressure range from 1.5 kN to 30 kN
Manual lever presses offer high economic efficiency with regard to production processes and batch sizes where automation is not required.
In these cases they can be used quickly and flexibly.
ips manufactures two types of lever presses with different force curves: toggle presses and rack presses
All lever presses made by ips are available with round ram and square ram.

Quality characteristics

  • Pressure point adjusted in the factory
  • Easy and quick height adjustment of the press head by means of a threaded spindlel
  • Hardened and ground ram
  • Long honed round ram guide, therefore ensuring high precision
  • High precision square ram guide by means of adjustable guide rails
  • Ground bedplate of the press
  • ips manual lever presses are virtually maintenance-free



ips catalogue, page 124-125

 Find this information in our ips catalogue, page 124-125  Download catalogue in PDF format