Hydraulic short-stroke cylinder, double-action

Hydraulic short-stroke cylinder, double-action

These hydraulic short-stroke cylinders are only used to operate hydraulic double-action punching, notch and cut-off units.
They may be interchanged between the individual hydraulic punching units using a mounting flange. Suitable mounting flanges are available on request.
Technical features
Solid construction.
Optimum piston rod guide: hardened piston rod for protection against corrosion and wear, as well as for improved gliding.
Honed cylinder tubes.
Slide surfaces for lip seal and piston rod are finely ground and polished to extend the service life and improve the functionality of the seals.
All seals have standard dimensions.
Lateral oil ports, plus the prestroke port on the cylinder bottom
Model 725D80151-1 is equipped with G3/8 oil ports.



ips catalogue, page 115

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