Hydropneumatic presses

Hydropneumatic presses

ips hydropneumatic presses are driven by compressed air only and activate the hydraulic power stroke automatically.
They combine the advantages of both pneumatic and hydraulic presses.
In the pneumatically driven fast stroke, the workpiece is quickly approached at low force. When detecting resistance, the hydraulic power stroke is activated automatically.
Therefore, the energy applied is used most economically with these models.
The functions of hydropneumatic presses are described on the following page. As ips hydropneumatic presses do not require a hydraulic unit, they can also be used in very confined spaces.
All hydropneumatic presses are available with ips standard control units or with control units in accordance with customer specifications.
The processing of sheets, printed boards or other bulky parts requires a larger throat depth range of the presses. Using XL-HP presses with a throat depth range of 300 mm, even these workpieces can be processed. In case of dimensions outside the standards, the presses can be supplied with welded frames according to your requirements.

Quality characteristics:

  • Hardened ram with torsion lock
  • Long honed ram guide for maximum precision
  • Two power stroke lengths are available as standard
  • Easy height adjustment of the press head by means of a threaded spindle and angular gear
  • A lateral measuring tape enables quick reproduction of settings in case of tool changes
  • Low noise level: less than 75 dB


ips catalogue, page 160-162

 Find this information in our ips catalogue, page 160-162  Download catalogue in PDF format